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The Crosscut’s directional shape, mild taper, and setback stance offers comfort on groomers and ease in powder.

Selected color: CROSSCUT CAMBER

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The Crosscut’s directional shape, mild taper, and setback stance offers comfort on groomers and ease in powder. A bigger radius sidecut improves carving at higher speeds and adds better control in the steeps.

Best For: Freeride / Turns

ARBOR Snowboards offers a wide range of freeride specific boards. From pure powder boards to high volume shapes that also work well on groomers to highly versatile boards that are fun to ride in every terrain, ARBOR has the right board to suit your style of riding.

Boards of this category deliver exceptional edge hold. Whether you're trying ambitious Eurocarves, popping off some gnarly sidehits or doing regular old turns, these boards will help you hold your line.

The Camber System

The System is a design platform that delivers a cleaner ride without forfeiting edge performance. The System improves both rocker and camber shapes, without hybridizing the two together, which we think sacrifices the inherent benefits of each. The System design eliminates the leverage required to release and re-engage a snowboard’s outside contact points, while creating a highly effective, more direct connection to the snow.

The Camber System design offers a poppy ride, with crisp, fully engaged performance.

Knucklehead Tip

Peak to parking lot with extra punch for powder.

Topsheet Material: Hand Dyed Ash

Many ARBOR Snowboards are made with a sustainably sourced wood or Bamboo topsheet. This construction is called Power Ply. The natural grain creates the style ARBOR has been known for since it launched twenty years ago. Less well recognized is how the technology improves the strength, durability, and return of the snowboards.

Topsheet Material: Bio Plastic Topsheet

• Bio-Plastic Topsheet – One of the materials we use in our quest to eliminate harmful petroleum based plastics from our production cycle. Made from CastorBean Oil, this eco-topsheet is extremely durable and water repellent.

2x4 14-Pack Inserts

Provide a wide stance range, while at the same time delivering critical micro adjustability.


Der fortschrittlichste Kern im Hause Arbor. Bambus Stringer laufen entlang der Kanten und verbessern so die torsionale Rückmeldung wodurch sich der Kern ideal für Big Mountain Riding eignet.

Mixed Glassing

A triax over biax lay-up that’s best for versatility: pow, backcountry, groomers, jumps, & more.

360° Fully Wrapped Sidewalls

A 360 degree, fully wrapped sidewall that eliminates the need for tip fill, while effectively tying the whole snowboard together. A technology that delivers incredibly tight tolerances for improved board life and durability.

Recycled Steel Edges

Recycled ABS

When a plastic alternative is unavailable, as in the case of ABS sidewalls, we do our best to opt for a recycled material to improve the sustainability of our products.

Sintered Base

A higher molecular weight, sintered base that provides added durability and speed.

Wend Natural Wax

All Arbor snowboards hit the shop floor ready to ride with Wend Natural Wax.


All of our die-cut bases feature our Zero Waste Base technology, and come in interchangable 2 colorways. This process is essential to reducing our carbon footprint and eliminating waste during the manufacturing process.

Effective Edge112,4116119,6122,2126,8
Tip Length30,83131,231,431,6
Tail Length18,81919,219,419,6
Tip Width29,2729,6229,9731,0832,03
Waist Width25,225,425,626,627,35
Tail Width28,4228,7629,130,2131,14
Camber(-)0.51(-)0.53(-)0.56(-)0.57(- )0.61
Ref. Point Width5454545454
Ref. Stance Setback00000
Tip Transition Sidecut8,99,19,39,459,45
Sidecut - (m)88,28,48,558,8
Tail Transition Sidecut8,99,19,39,459,45
Rider Weight - (lb)114-194 126-206134-214140-220140-220+
Rider Weight - (kg)52-8857-9361-9764-10064-100+

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Reduction reason0